Monday, November 24, 2008

PJ Vigil: Short Mental Block Take...

Bangsa Malaysia Spirit: Fatwa??

Firing It Up
These Lovelies Can't Be Lonely
The Shy Ones Acting Cool
Cool Family Outing. Starting Them Young.
The Peaceful And Friendly Crowd
The Faithfuls
The Passion is in the Air
My Favorite Blogger with Her Man

The Only Lonely
This Face Tells a Story

Godsend Reverends

Jalur Gemilang Babes

Eyes Don't Lie

Our Usher Girls Flashing Their Best Smiles

These pictures say it all. It was drizzling last night but it didn't stop about 200 Anak Bangsa Malaysia from coming out in Solidarity against the draconian ISA. This blogger is facing this mental block after having a 3 hours restless sleep and waking up early to attend Pete's defamation trial this morning. I will just leave it to the professionals to take all of you through the journey. Read Anil's, Steest and Sanjiun (for her Mandarin coverage).

The Whisperer is taking a short break to get his body and soul back together. Until then, Keep This Spirit Alive...

Pics courtesy of Steest and EyeSpy


Pic from Anil's

Hours earlier on the same day, there was a Pro - ISA rally organized by Perwaris. Where were the police? Where is the permit? Read the full report here.

Later, about 500 of the coalition’s members held a peaceful gathering outside their meeting place at Wisma Sejarah before going to the Jalan Tun Razak police station to lodge their reports.

During the gathering, a woman who was standing at an overhead pedestrian bridge shouted obscenities at the group.

Some members of the group responded with shouts while others chased her before they were stopped by policemen.

There were reports of traffic jams and hostility towards road users by the marchers. Why did the local main stream media chose to paint a different picture here? Peaceful, my foot. Where were the FRU? Clearly. a double standard practice again.
Spot the difference between the two groups? The Civilized and The Uncivilized.

Pro-ISA supporters attacking a woman

Read the whole story here and here..


Scene At The Duta Court Complex

Pics by MarkSmith


Yin said...

How did you get my picture? Pinching it from you now! hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hello whisperer. I think you are in photo no.9 - the only lonely one? The next foto has a first girl u know her or not. She is a very nice look girl.Can intro her to me. I want to know u first. My name is Edward n u can call me Ed.I will see u next sunday and I intro myself as Ed then u intro me that girl can or not.I thank u first.


TheWhisperer said...


You are welcome to pinch all you like here. I hope you are the one Ed is referring to...



If i know the first girl in the next photo, would I be the only lonely one that night? ;)

See you Sunday!!

Have a Great week ahead all of you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yin, how r u? Tq to whisperer for helping me to know u. I m Edward I m below 30 years old and has a gud busines. I will see whispere and u next week ok to u? I give u my email address next week n also the hand phone no, ok? I thank u first to be my fren.


Yin said...

Aiyohhhhhh, the photo after you is the girl wearing the Black RPK tee shirt. Not the one wearing Red!

Whisperer, you go out of business with this matchmaking service lah!

TheWhisperer said...


Please la don't turn my blog into a match making blog.

This blog is dedicated to All The People sharing the same Passion toward Change for A Better Malaysia Beyond Race and Unjust Draconian Laws.

This Way, It Shall Stays..

I was only offering some good pointers and the rest is up to you.

Understand, mate?

Below 30 with good business.. quite some credentials you have there ;)

Anonymous said...

talking about the PRO-bar-ISA-n national group...
I can only think of an old chinese saying/idiom "只许州官放火,不许百姓点灯(zhi-xu-zhou-guan-fang-huo, bu-xu-bai-xing-dian-deng)". Meaning: the magistrates are free to burn down houses, while the commoners are not even allow to light a lamp.

And of course, our own M'sian version should be: 只许州官放火,不许百姓秉烛(zhi-xu-zhou-guan-fang-huo, bu-xu-bai-xing-bing-zhu)". Meaning: the magistrates are free to burn down houses, while the commoners are not allow to light a CANDLE.

TheWhisperer said...


Just file for Chapter 11. Confirmed out of business.

Now broke!! Vigil still has to go on..

Anonymous said...

Whisperer u cannot go out of business la. It will make u popular also.

Hello Yin, how r u? u r wrong abt the pics because whisperer add new photos and yor position change la.

Hello whisperer who is that beautiful lady u write her name Clair.If d man is her husband then no gud to know her la.


TheWhisperer said...


She comes alone and she belongs to someone else. So leave her alone..

Try not to shit-stir here please.

I have been good to you so you have to toe your line. Do show some respect for good ladies here..

First lesson for you: Respect Women at all time. Without women, who are We? Go listen to Kitaro..

Anonymous said...

Hello whisperer dun get angry just asking only. I know u gud man. I m interested to know Yin n also othre ladies.

OkOk i know u gud to me n i tq u. I dun know kitaro.