Saturday, November 1, 2008

Seremban's Inaugural Candlelight Vigil: A Good Beginning...

My friend, Bruce, attended his first candlelight vigil last Sunday at the Padang. And when I told him about this vigil in Seremban on Thursday, his instant reply was "lets go". We set out right after work with the company of 'The Driver'. Reached Seremban at about 7:15pm, changed into our T's and invaded Seremban town looking for dinner. Had ' loh-see-fun' as highly recommended by 'The Driver'. Mind you, it's not those short type of loh-see-fun that we get in KL or any other part in this country. What we get here is very much of a longer version. Just remember to chew otherwise you may have to pull it all the way back out if it get stuck. Gross leh! Nothing to shout about except for the price and the quantity.
After that sumptuous dinner, we literary have to drag our body for a distance towards the vigil venue. There were already 60 supporters gathering there. Many familiar faces from KL who made the effort to be here to mark this inaugural event for our fellow brothers and sisters in Seremban.The crowd started to trickle in, followed by many Yang Berhormats from Pakatan Rakyat along with their supporters. CheguBard threw in his support as well.
Here's another highlight. Remember Alice? The Alice who wrote a touching comment on Haris's blog. Well, I finally get this opportunity to meet up with her. She overheard Angela mentioning The Whisperer and she h0ller over to me with batting eyelid... Gosh, what a pretty sight! Astounded and dumbfounded.. A beautiful creature sitting right in front of me.. I am not sharing more here. So you guys, eat your hearts out. Serve you guys right for not making the effort to be here. If you guys are lucky, I may post her picture up here provided my official photographer email me those pics. Last I heard he was enjoying his Halloween night away at Sungai Ujung club spooking party-goers with his natural devilish look. From a beauty to this beast. Beats me on how I ever get here.. Sorry, folks.
All in all, we were glad with the response. Many locals who arrived late told me that they found out about this vigil at the very last minute. Makes me wonder whether how many Seremban people actually surf the blogosphere.. Very few from my blog feedback. Maybe my blog is a boring blog but no excuse for you people to miss zorro's or MalaysiaToday. No Internet connection ar? Very busy ar? Got better things to do than to fight for your rights ar? Teething problem since it was organised on short notice. But for those who were present, all of you can hold your head high up to be part of this crusade. Don't get carried away. Spread the words and up the next vigil to another plateau.
The Whisperer thank you all for the night..
Pics shall be available as soon as my official photographer recover from his awesome night.
Mark Smith read about my ordeal so he generously emailed me these lovely pics. Told me the party was great and the devil got lucky. Now I know why the delay. It seemed Angela was searching for me all night asking everybody where Whisperer is. Well, Whisperer got chickened out by Angela's frequent 'sex call' last night. Every photo shot was greeted with her call for sex. Some hardcore stuff for The Hustler magazine? Haha... Just jesting here. It was fun though. We oldies do know how to RocK!

Seremban Inaugural Candlelight Vigil
31st October 2008 Dataran Seremban Park
(pics courtesy of MarkSmith)

Seremban Beauty: Former beauty queens

Recital time: An Ode to September

One saying 'We want Our Rights'

and the other crying 'NO to ISA'

The Devil, Himself

More pics at last courtesy of The Devil

This young couple have been around. New way to go

on a date. They come and go swiftly and silently.

Makkal Sakthi All The Way, Brudder!

On serious note. Try relax and enjoy, my friend.

YBs in Solidarity! Roses among thorns.

They don't want to be left out. Dressed for the occassion

The Early Birds. (Mystery Unfold)
That's Rodi back there with her head sticking out.

If you guys think that I was lying about Alice, here are her comments in MalaysiaToday:

written by Alice, November 02, 2008 19:23:29

Yes!!! I made it to the Candle Light Vigil in Seremban - first time I met some super beautiful people who seem to sacrifice so much for JUSTICE. Guess what? I went all alone . Thought of doing this alone and freeing my SOUL . I DID IT! THE FEELING IS OH SO GREATTTTT!! I CAN'T DO MUCH BUT THIS I CAN DO FOR GOD,JUSTICE AND FOR THE GREAT MAN CALLED RPK.

...written by Alice, November 02, 2008 19:26:58



Anonymous said...

Just to let you know that we feel so proud to have attended an Anti-ISA vigil for the first time in our lives, it was a good start in Seremban, am sure more and more people will participate soon, we will encourage more friends to join us too in future.


TheWhisperer said...


What you feel is just the beginning. That euphoric feeling. When the Passion set in, you would be able to feel That Oneness feeling that we have been talking about..That's when you start to feel Love and Unity. It's a beautiful feeling. Do not waver.

Be proud of yourself by all means. There are still many who refuse to take a stand for reasons beyond my understanding. So that more or less makes us pretty Unique.

Keep that Spirit Going.

Anonymous said...

If the crowd getting bigger, will they send the police to disperse the vigil as NS is still under Barisan Najis rule?

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hi Whisperer,
You really give your all for this cause. I admire your steadfast loyalty and strong sense of duty.

Everthing we do has an effect and your wisdom has helped me along in my blogging. I owe you "thanks".


Anonymous said...

Hey it was nice meeting you and yes it was a lovely experience. Will campaign for more participation from people of Seremban. Take care . God bless you and you are doing a great job.