Saturday, November 8, 2008

Raja Petra Walks Free At Last... Oh, What A Day!!

A fantastic ruling! A long awaited Victory to The People and The Judicial! Raja Petra walks free at last!
There were about 35 people gathering there when we first arrived. Many who have been among us from the beginning of RPK's sedition trial. The sentiment was kind of mix. Some were nervous while others were cheerful. But all remained hopeful. There were some pessimistic ones given the history and the faith they have toward our administration. But I chose to remain positive for the very fact that I have been having this good feel since the night before.
Everybody jostled into the courtroom and the camaraderie spirit again prevail, with many attempts to squeeze out for more space just to fit everybody in. Our cops were pretty helpful in allowing some to stand.
The honorable learned judge was punctual and he did not waste any time to deliver his judgment. He took us for a yo yo ride but when the signs started to point toward our favour, tears began to stream down my cheek. Angela was helpful with her ample supply Kleenex tissue paper.
When the honorable judge finally delivered his final verdict, everybody broke into embrace and tears of joy flows freely. The euphoria once again swept through us. Another battle won. We did it! Yes, We Did It!! RPK is to be brought to court by 4pm. He is to be freed today itself...
There are many people who selflessly, with hard work and through their perseverance and dedication, made all these possible. People whom I have gotten close to through this crusade. And not forgetting those who came out and walked among us to lend their support to our cause. I wish to thank them all and The Whisperer Salutes them all. We may have won the battle today but the war rages on. We still have a steep hill to climb ahead.
Our mission will remain until ISA is been abolished and until Anak Bangsa Malaysia prevails.

The Hopefuls

Dreamlady offering her warmth all over

Happiest woman today

The Man with a Good Heart

The Respectable Counsels

My Strength, My Inspiration

Pure ecstacies

Since RPK is coming home today and there was this time lapse, I was honoured with the company of Marina, Rody, Zorro, Virgin Mary, Claire, Boom, Alan and Kojak ( sorry i can't recall your name). Sorry pal. Just too emotional to remember too many names. Another beautiful experience with these great beautiful people. But I won't want to go into details what actually transpired during our relax moment. All I can describe here is that with them, you feel this Sense of Belonging... Just like what all of you felt during those candlelight vigils and those court hearings that some of you may have attended.

I must not forget Vic and family, who extended their invitation for us to take refuge in their lovely home. Lunch was lovely. And their gracious hospitality was simply the best. Thanks, Vic and God bless you all.

By the time we get back to the courthouse, about 200 supporters have already gathered there. Many came to show their solidarity support to a great man after the news of his release swept through the Internet and sms texts. Our phones were more or less paralyzed for hours and Internet streaming was slow.

RPK! RPK! RPK! The crowd chanted as RPK stepped down from the van that brought him here from Kamunting. A cheeky smile broke out from his face. That's enough to bring out further tears of joy. Everybody tried to squeeze into the courtroom for the final procedure. And it was all over in less than 5 minutes. Everybody rushed forward trying to embrace him. Those who did were indeed lucky. I managed to steal 2 out of him. One is for Alice who have requested me to do so a day earlier .. She was hopeful. The other one was somewhat special. A good hug with a kiss on the cheek and he obligingly say 'thank you'. Thanks to you, Pete, for bringing about this big family..

Young beauty in solidarity

Awaiting the arrival of Pete


More chants

His message to the Press

Daulat Tuanku in garland

Pete left the court building in a maroon Rolls accompanied by Marina. The crowd mingled around before they disperse. The euphoria toned down but the joy lingers on.

Our party continues... This time is from Shah Alam to Seremban with love. The second vigil is still on and good people are in for a big surprise. Marina intends to keep good her promise to the people of Seremban. And she is going to do just that. Drag Pete to Seremban vigil as she had promised last week if Pete is released.

Waiting in anticipation for the arrival of their hero

Anak Bangsa Malaysia side by side

Beautiful Seremban people

Pete living up to Marina's promise

Another successful vigil for Seremban. Good crowd with singing program included. The Whisperer would offer one advice to the organizer: Try to lift the Oneness spirit... Remember? We are one big family. Do promote on Haris's anak anak Bangsa Malaysia theme.

Well done, Seremban!! I salute your Passion!

The night continues in Sg Ujung Club with food and free flow of beers. What a way to unwind after a long day. It was all worthwhile. Pete is with us now. And this fight lives on.

To The Good People of Ipoh,
Get ready for this surprise. Come this Sunday, RPK is to grace Ipoh's candlelight vigil. Came in from Early Edition. Good piece of news.
*pics courtesy of MarkSmith and JourneyMan


Hope said...

Amazing atmosphere..

Anonymous said...

it was my birthday yesterday. And this is the best and meaningful present for me!!!

TheWhisperer said...


Yup, it was amazing. All the people there were amazing. They deserve this victory.


You re lucky, indeed. This present arrived early to start off your day perfectly.

Happy Belated Birthday...