Saturday, November 22, 2008

PJ Vigil Gathering for Those Who Are Lonely, Single and Loveless...

Venue: PJ Civic Center
Time: 8:00 pm, Every Sunday.
Status: Permitted Peaceful Social Gathering.

Free Admission, Free Membership,
Free Friendship, Free Companionship,
Everything is Free!!

I am sure many of you have been following this vigil gathering from around the blogs and I am sure many of you remained curious as to what this vigil thing is all about. This is all about The People, who share the same passion, coming out in One united Spirit to make their stand known that We, The People, want the draconian ISA to be abolished and We, The People, want Our Beloved Country to move Forward beyond Race. Malaysia for Malaysians!
We offer all of you a platform to stand up and voice out your rights as a good citizen. But, that is not all we can only offer.. Go ahead, read the accounts of those past vigils from around the blogs. Take a look at all those pictures posted up. Forget about those recent unprecedented police acts. You should be able to gauge the positive atmosphere there.
Here are some accounts from the participants:
"This is the Malaysia that I know and love. This is the Malaysia I remember as I was growing up. Without prejudice for racial background, colour discrimination, or religious ideologies, is how we should meet and greet one another - not only at vigils but every time". - Estrelita Soliano Grosse
"Strangers become friends and friends become brothers and sisters among Malaysians which brought forth the unity for a good cause with just a little candle burning brilliantly in the dark under the Malaysian starry sky". - Mr Sunny Lim
Yes, this is exactly the atmosphere that these vigils have been generating. And it is because those people who attended all these vigils come with a good and passionate heart. Unbelievable atmosphere where friendships, love and passion flo
ws freely.
So here's the chance to those who are lonely, single and loveless: cast away your fear, take a few moment of your time and come out to feel for yourself what this vigil has to offer. You won't regret. This, I can assure you. This is the best place to make friends and if you are lucky enough, this is also the best place to search for your lifetime mate. Read more from Steest.
Be There


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Great minds think alike! Just posted my blog and saw yours! What a co-incidence!

:) :) :)

TheWhisperer said...

Haha.. Even comment too.

What are We? Twins born months apart?

Anonymous said...

Is the candlelights vigil also for the lonely heart? If so, then I will be coming. But how people will know that I am lonely? How do I know that people are lonely? Is there any guidelines?

Antares said...

Very good sales pitch, Dude! Got me ITCHING to attend... :-)

TheWhisperer said...


This is what we have to offer. You have to come and find out for yourself. You will blend in easily. All you have to do is to flash your smile.


Your presence would be greatly appreciated. There many people here would like to meet you. This is the feedback I get.. Bruce felt very honoured to finally meet you in person that night at the coffeshop.

Peter said...

Berita baik!!!!! Dari hari ini, Good news everyone. From now on, Majlis Perbandaran akan bertanggung-jawab kepada penghuni!!!!!

Good news everyone. From now on, town councils will be accountable to residents!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi friend, tonight I will go and wear red t-shirt. So lonely girls and women u can see me clearly. My looks is ok but my heart is not ok-lonely. I very shy person.

I will hold a white n read candle with red t-shirt. That is me ok?

Hope said...

How was it?

TheWhisperer said...


How was what? I am not going to blog about it this time. You have to be there to find out for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sorry friends I did not wear red colour. Suddenly feel shy. u should give people like me a contact so that we know what to do. u are a kind person wanting to help us. Can u post yor pix so that I cann approach u next week? Thank u.

TheWhisperer said...

Hahaha Anonymous, there were sea of red out there last night. Just couldn't figure out which one. Now you telling me you didn't wear red and there was no red candle either.

You had my guys working overtime trying to locate you. Next week just approach one tall camera man with his signature white cap. He would be able to guide you to anyone you pleases to meet.

I ll post some pics of regulars on my next posting. Just approach any one of them and you would be blend in to the family.

Until then, be there next week.

Anonymous said...

Thank you whisperer. I think I know this tall man u mentioned. I see him many times before. But he looks fierce, no smiling and very busy man. Scared to look at him so how to ask him. I want to contact u better.