Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Take Cue From This: Wind of Change Blowing From The United States of America...

It's indeed heartening to see the support from the States in line with our Cause here... Let this be a reminder to us... not to waver in our Fight and a reminder to those Umno's Motherfxxxxrs to wake up from their state of denial. We, The People have the whole World behind Us..
Boost from the Boss:
Bruce Springsteen wows 80.000 at Obama rally:
Legendary US rocker Bruce Springsteen wowed a crowd of 80,000 with a rousing set at a rally for Democrat Barack Obama here on Sunday on the White House campaign’s final stretch.

Obama took the stage with his wife Michelle and two young daughters when Springsteen was done, and said there were “a handful of people who enter into your lives through their music and tell the American people’s story”.

“Bruce Springsteen is one of those people,” he said, before a heavy rainstorm erupted on the open-air crowd said by Cleveland’s director of public safety to number 80,000.

Springsteen led the sea of people in a full-throated singalong of Woody Guthrie’s folk classic This Land is Your Land.

Many were in tears as the musician wrapped it up with his song The Rising, which refers to the Sept 11 attacks and is played just before Obama takes the stage at all his rallies.

“So I don’t know about you, but I want my country back, I want my dream back, I want my America back,” Springsteen exclaimed to deafening cheers.

He said that it was time to join with Obama, “roll up our sleeves and come on up for the rising.”

“Our social contract has been shredded. We’re going to need all the angels we can get,” he said, praising “Senator Obama’s efforts to build a house big enough for all our dreams”
We, Malaysians, want our Country back too..
And further support from few celebrities:
It's bigger than us, We have to do it for our Children.
Sean 'Diddy' Combs Urging voters in South South Florida not ot be scared away from the polls by long lines. Exactly what we. The People, are fighting for now.
Barrack Obama is a true example of something different.
Mary J, Blige at a Get-Out-The-The-Vote effort for Democratic nominee Senator Barrack Obama. We, The People, have RPK and the 4 Ibrahims to consider... Anwar Ibrahim, Zaid Ibrahim, Haris Ibrahim and finally... ahem ahem.. Duke Ibrahim.
Let us pray for a Obama win... to fan the Wind of Change across the Globe.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

I am also rooting for Obama, for change, for Malaysia, for a better world.

Duke Ibrahim, I salute your courage!

Keep it up!


de minimis said...

I fully agree with your prayers. And, may I say that your participation in the candle-light vigils are a great source of inspiration. Keep going, bro.