Thursday, November 20, 2008

Abdul Razak Baginda: How About Telling Us The Truth?

Abdul Razak: Najib not involved
Nov 20, 08 10:29am
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak is not involved in the Altantuya murder case, claimed former political analyst Abdul Razak Baginda today.
Read MalaysiaKini report in full here.

That was fast. Only acquitted for slightly more than two weeks and he is out defending his master. And we, bloggers get the blame for creating this perception. Forget about all the stories that lead to Altantuya's C4-ed. We, bloggers made up the stories. That includes all the main stream medias.
How convenient! Just call for a press conference just to defend and push the blame on others. Obviously, this guy knows something about this C4-ed murder and he is not telling us at all. Another big blow to the prosecutors integrity. Insufficient evidence, my foot. His press statement already tells us that he knew something. Otherwise, how can he be so cocksure that Najib and Rosmah are not involve? What about those trading of sms-es pertaining to this case? Acted out of concern for Razak Baginda? Where's Bala?


FAIR said...

A classical case of " you scratch my back , I scratch yours " !

peng said...

'Money will drive the devil to push your cart', that's what it is.
Why bloggers so poor?

TheWhisperer said...

Good one there, Peng!

Why are bloggers so poor?

You definitely have a sharp mind with humour.

chapchai said...

Next he will be swearing on the Koran and everything will be alright!

Anonymous said...

Since his master got him scot free, now is his turn to protect his master. That poor girl was kidnap in front of his house by pinky lips's bodyguard and they are on trial now. These UTK guys only takes order from their master right?.. so how can pinky lips not be involved when his men are?..

wat a cheeseburger.. @#$%^ can get away with murder..use MILITARY GRADE C4 and all is well. Perhaps they should just NUKE the next murder victim's body so that the body will be vaporized.

Remember the MSM report that there are more than ten different individual bone fragments found at the bomb site by the investigating forensic team.. and all these bones evidence is swept the carpet.

why no investigation by the Polis Raja Malaysia? That's Malaysian Justice for you.

Anonymous said...

Check this out and revert? Thanks