Tuesday, November 11, 2008

911 PJ Vigil: A Pictorial Journey...

Padang Blocked By FRU

The Push Came and Forced The
People to the Foyer of the Mall

Allowed to Disperse After a Stand-Off

Pete Walking with The People

At PJ Civic Center

Pete Singing NegaraKu

The Clampdown: The Chosen One
thru The Gate of Black Maria

Last Minute Calls to Love Ones:
Last Minute Meeting Tonight, Honey!

And The VIP Treatment

- the end -

Pixman: JourneyMan
Narrator: The Whisperer


Antares said...

Excellent photo essay, Dude! Takes you right inside the PJ Copshop - all it needs is some soundtrack music :-)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

So glad you shared this. Good on ya, buddy!


Anonymous said...

they broke the peace & created the chaos..

they gave us a 9-11 to remember... a mini Sunday Bloody Sunday...

I hope their kids dun get to watch the footage of charging Negaraku

they broke the Peace & created the chaos...
they gave Malaysia a 9-11 to remember, a mini Sunday Bloody Sunday...