Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RPK's Visit to Sentul Police Station: Another Freaking Joke!!

Just got back to the office from Sentul police station. I reached the station slightly after 3pm and Pete was still hanging around outside in the presence of his lawyers, 50 odd supporters and army of press reporters. The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes.

Pete told the reporters that he refused to give any statement to the police as he finds it ridiculous to go through the same thing over and over again. He has been detained unlawfully and been questioned for over 10 days in the recent past. And the context of Jakim's absurd report has something in relation to one of the charges that landed him in Kamunting for 55 days.

Pixs from MarkSmith

So, what the fxxk is all these? Just because one of their doggy organisation made a absurd report, these running dogs has to act on it. With efficiency, some more. What's the hurry? There are more reports made against this toyol guy and so far, we get no reaction from them. Fxxking double standard they practised here. Umno goons above the kangaroo law, is it?






Jarod said...

so, what will be RPK next move? And the Police not going to take any action?

peng said...

There are not only the LAW but playing god. Actually what they are doing to RPK is bad testimony to the religion.

Antares said...

Ladies & Gentlemen.... presenting the infamous comedy team of... Ganiiii & Musaaaaaaa! Those are shysters plotting mayhem on Najib's behalf - because they're up to their numskulls involved with all the explosive cover-ups. You could say these guys are in DEEP SHIT... and furiously trying to dig their way out of it by using RPK as a shovel.