Friday, November 21, 2008

A Deserving Tribute: Haris Ibrahim

This email came in late yesterday. Someone has requested me to blog this tribute on his behalf. Thank you, EyeSpy. It's my pleasure to do so as I do share your sentiment and I am sure many anak anak Bangsa Malaysia out there share the same.
Bro Haris, this one is for you from the hearts of many anak Bangsa Malaysia out there..


For years, I have been looking and observing people from the eye of my camera. Each individual has a story to tell from what is in their minds projecting on their faces. The questions people ask and even the silent ones do not make much difference because what is important comes from what can be deciphered.
How important it is to me to know about virtuous people is beyond words especially those who have the humility. It is the trait profiles bulging in my archive that I have to share unreservedly. The reason for my pick is about this man whose personal values such as love and justice for the people prevail like a sore thumb.
People, I am talking about Haris Ibrahim.
I saw him weep for joy when Raja Petra emerged a free man in Shah Alam High Court. I saw him with the people in the candlelight vigils. I saw him trying hard to help people fight for the right cause. He is a selfless gentleman! We should not leave him alone but to join hands even at the most trying time we are going through.
On behalf of all who share the common truth, we salute you sir, for who you are and what you are. God blessed. - EyeSpy


The Driver said...

I too have share many moments with this towering Malaysian through candle vigils and attending RPKs trial.Its been a great pleasure and honour meeting him and its through his and not forgetting RPK and other bloggers like Bernard that Malaysians slowly have wake up from their slumber and fight for their rights.Not forgetting the other half of RPK,Puan Marina,candle light vigil organisers and all malaysians who participate in vigils or giving moral support to RPK and other Malaysians who have been unjustly charged.

Antares said...

Bro Haris has certainly earned his stripes. Adversity brings out the best and the worst in people - and Haris has been a beacon of intelligent resistance against the stupidly evil!

TheWhisperer said...


I cannot find any suitable to best describe this Man. I know he is genuine right from his heart. I can still remember how he wept uncontrollably in my embrace.. That speaks all!!

I am with this Honorable Man all the way.

Jarod said...

He is one fella whom i would like to be... daring. Our cause without him is hard if not for the constant PUSH :)

TheWhisperer said...


I couldn't agree more with you.

But He ain't heavy, He's Our Brother!

fungus said...

He truly deserves the title "Mahatma". Wrote this in his blog but he didn't publish my comment. Guess he must have felt he didn't deserve to be called that.

Wish there were more like him around....

jonno1951 said...

No words can adequately describe this man. I had the pleasure of speaking with him yesterday and I find the genuineness that came across caused me to have lumps in my throat several times during our conversation.

Haris, I salute you for your beliefs, stance, your loyalty and your compassion for your fellow Anak2 Bangsa Malaysia. It is people like you that I am a Malaysian Wannabe Again. I am honoured to be given the privilege to be even thought an acquaintance let alone be a friend of yours. I am proud to be your brother by choice.

As Don Chipps once describe his role in politics, best describe you - "Let's keep those bastards honest". Yes!!!!! Let us do just that.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

This tribute is not only fitting, it is so well-deserved. Even before I started attending vigils, I was already drawn to his blog for all that he writes and champions.

He was the first person to walk up to me to say hello when I showed up for the 1st PJ Vigil.

What struck me was the fact that he didn't wait for people to go to him. He approached them. That's humility.

Great guy!

Anonymous said...

A role model for new Bangsa Rakyat. He walk his talk while others talk and mock.
He's earned our respect while others demands it.
He's shown respect for other religion and that's how others respect and shared his happiness in his faith with Islam.
Through Haris, he has brought good light on Islam.
Cheers Bro,

svllee said...

Haris for PM, anyone??