Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Seremban's Candlelight Vigil Catches Sudan's Attention..

The only purple T shirt around that night.

An email came to my mailbox today. It was a email communication between 2 friends forwarded to me. I would like to believe Bruce forwarded it to me, wanting me to know that our mutual friend in Khartoum, Sudan actually takes interest as to what is going on here in this country. I first met Tony through Bruce when I dropped by Bruce's office for my regular whiskey session. Tony and me got along fine at the first hello. Helluva great guy if you don't allow his mafia looks and his genuine leopard skin sandal mislead you.
So, armed with Bruce's consent, I am going to reproduce their brief communication here...

In his email to Bruce, Tony wrote:
Hi Brudder,
Was reading The Whisperer blog, saw you in one of the photos wearing a purple T shirt.
Looks like you guys are dead serious on the Abolish ISA and Free RPK campaign.
Keep it up!!
Will probably come back for a week during the Hari Raya Haji holidays (if i can get away). Still planning. If not, should be back for Chinese New Year.Try to catch up then.. Cheers!!
And Bruce duly replied:
Hi mate,
We were in Seremban, The Whisperer and me, to launch the 1st Free RPK candlelight vigil. It is also held every Sunday in PJ at the back of A&W. And this week we might be going to Ipoh. I also managed to get hold of one bumper sticker which says, "BEBASKAN RPK MANSUHKAN ISA".
Don't think the police would like it very much if they see it.
Always good to hear from you and hope to see you soon.

And Mr Tony, I hope you are reading this. Be prepared on your next trip back . The Whisperer is going to drag you along for every crusade he attends. Your 'brudder' is already deep into it now. The Spirit flows in his bloodstream. Imagining him mentioning Ipoh without even having to consult me. Taking me for granted but he is right though. This Spirit flows in my blood too. Spiritual communication phenomenon at work here. Just don't forget to get us those cool leopard skin sandals. Imitation ones would be fine as we are also holding vigil for animal's rights. Remember to Be Kind to Animals: Kiss a Pussy tonight!

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