Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We Are In Fact Paying More For Petrol Now...

Am I surprised? Not at all. When the government hiked the fuel price drastically in June, I already smelled their rotten intention for two valid reasons: First, is to get more money into their hands and secondly, is to remove fuel subsidy all together. Refer to my earlier post before the fuel hike here..
And as of the world crude price today, it has fallen by more than 50% from the day our government made that decision to hike the fuel price by a whopping 78 sen per litre. If we take the pump price in Singapore or US which is more reflective to the world crude price, we, Malaysians of a net oil exporting nation, are actually paying more than a lot of nations around the world regardless of net oil importing or exporting status. Refer here for some simple arithmetic.
So you see, this is exactly the type of rotten government we have. They don't have any business mind to carry this country forward. All they can do is to find ways to fleece the rakyat just to get more money into their corrupted hands. Imagine a net oil exporting nation charging premium price on her rakyat. On top of that, we have to pay excessive tolls for using the infrastructures and all sorts of duties and taxes. Where have all the money gone to? Go add up all the cost of the the existing overpriced infrastructures that have been put up by this Umno government and take it off the royalties they have been receiving for Petronas.. Yeah.. where have all the money gone to!!! What about the delay in adjusting the fuel prices in tandem with the world crude price? Everyday is more money into their hands. Who is going to keep track of that savings?
Truly a destructive government! Truly a Nation in Distress.


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peng said...

It's the same for EPF. If we opt to reduce deduction to 8%, we may have more disposable income but will have to pay higher income tax. An example to prove the point (based on PCB deduction);
Basic salary: RM4,000
1) EPF 11% (RM440) = taxable income RM3560 = tax payable RM77
2) EPF 8% (RM320) = taxable income RM3680 = tax payable RM109.