Friday, November 28, 2008

Defamation Trial: First Hurdle Cleared!!

Yes! The judge was late again. Session started at around 10:30am. Pete was given the honour to warm up the dock seat. The judge delivered his judgement agreeing with the defense that the transfer of this case to his court could be unconstitutional. Therefore, he allowed the High Court to decide on whether this case should be heard in session court or the magistrate court. The decision is to be fixed on Dec 15th.
Every supporters kept their composure this time after the lashing from the judge during the habeas corpus trial. So the congratulatory notes were confined to outside the courtroom. 'Yeh Yeh! Kita Menang' was the first word that came out from Pete's mouth as he emerged from the courtroom.
Sure looks like Pete and his team of counsels are on a roll. Victory after victory, they prevail. The toughest being the habeas corpus which set him free from 'detention without trial'. All these are good signs to The Whisperer. There are definitely more to come. That's without doubt.
'Yeh Yeh! Kita Menang' Again, Pete. Congratulation!!

Listen to MalaysiaKini's interview with Pete.

Way to go, Pete. Speaking with such confidence. Any doubters here?? Take a clue off me. You can't mess around with this Bloke. Truth Always Prevails.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the good news. Too bad I couldn't be there...
Thanks for your report, The Whisperer!

TheWhisperer said...


We are into this together. No thanks needed here.

Get ready for December as it will be a busy month for all of us.

Until then, lets keep up with the good work.

Anonymous said...

great news bro!!
c u this weekend...

Anonymous said...

i'm still waiting for the best to come when Pakatan Rakyat takes over!!! but for the moment, this will be the chain reaction to that, hopefully :)

Yin said...

joining you to rejoice over yet another victory, yang! :)

Antares said...

Thanks very much for being there & for the quick update, Dude. Three cheers for RPK!

Anonymous said...

Man, that's the way to go!! A little good news for a changed.

Yes!! Slowly but Surely!!

Strip them piece by piece, Im sure those as&#@%es do not have the same anatomy as any human beings on this planet.

Mark Smith