Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ipoh Inaugural Candlelight Vigil: Be There In One Spirit...

The Americans have proven to us that Impossible can be made Possible if everybody stands in solidarity, with one heart and through one spirit, our desire for a change can become real.
In Anak Bangsa Malaysia's journey toward a just and truly one nationhood society, Nov 9th will be another milestone. And not just because the candlelight has finally reach Ipoh. But also because Nov 9th is the night where good people of Ipoh will stand among us in solidarity to make this declaration that We, Anak Bangsa Malaysia, are more driven by Hope and Promise than driven by Fear.
So, Good people of Ipoh, this Nov 9th is the chance for you to shed your cynicism; put down your divisions; come out from your isolation; move out from your comfort zones; and push yourself to be better by engaging yourself in our cause toward a Change... A Change not only for ISA to be abolished but also for a Nationhood beyond Racism.
Cast away your fear and come out in good spirit to feel for yourself the euphoric atmosphere that we bring to you as we step into the future together.


peng said...

Thanks for lending strength to Ipoh's maiden candlelight vigil.

TheWhisperer said...


It's not about Ipoh or any place else that I am doing this.. I am just doing my best to keep this spirit going for I do believe if we keep on doing this, our strength will grow stronger.

Can't make it to Penang though.But will be at Shah Alam tommorow morning and mayb Seremban tommorow night.