Wednesday, July 16, 2008

anwar arrested despite the 2pm deadline...

First, we have the sodomy report that sprang the police to action efficiently. Then we have the roadblocks saga over the weekend. Now we have Anwar being arrested despite the 2pm deadline given to him by our CID director Commissioner Datuk Bakri Zinin.
And all out of a sudden, Anwar got arrested even before the deadline. What is all these about? Is our IGP himself involve in this contradictory saga? He has a reason to. Personal vendetta or whatever you want to call it.
Or these recent spurts of flexing muscle actions by the police force is just part of political ploy indirectly telling the people that our country is now a Police State.
Well, it surely looks like one and we are doomed for sure now.
They are going to stay in power at all cost. Never mind if the stories are all fabricated. As far as they are concerned, it's how they interpret their law that should matters. What happened to those stories of Hindraf linked to terrorists group? Where is the proof? See? It's going to be the same for sure.
That's just part of Umno's politics. This i have to salute them.
Finally, something for them to be proud of. Best in the World!!


HopefulPessimist said...

I'm very disappointed by the turn of events today. *sigh*

TheWhisperer said...

This is a good one.

Anwar got arrested outside his house at 12.55pm because our police have a reason to believe that anwar is not going to turn up at 2pm.

'Reason to believe' is good enough to arrest him 65 minutes before the ultimatum.

Hard to digest for the people.

Patricia said...

So much drama, for one 60-year-old man. Surely that's simply overkill?

What a shame that Malaysia is making the headlines again for all the wrong reasons!

I hope people will just stay home and not lose their heads being overly emotional. Even if they worry about a repeat of what happened in 1998, what will demos and chest-beating change?

The last thing we need is a state of emergency. Let sanity prevail. Let peace rule. And let us get on with our lives - whatever the political games playing out at the moment. An unknown hand is guiding the moves in this chess game, and we are not privy to the reasons behind each move.


HopefulPessimist said...

I think people should go out there and voice out their feelings.
This is our country and we should also be responsible for the things that are happening at the moment.

Try all avenues to get our voice heard and let them know that we care about what they are doing to us, to the country.

Are we just going to sit at home and watch the drama? This is our country we are talking about.

Patricia said...

Hopefulpessimest, you said: 'voice out their feeling'. To whom, may I ask? The media? The world? They only see you as news lah, they don't care about your causes. You'll only be entertaining and improve their ratings.

And they are not doing this to 'us'. They are doing it to Anwar. Are you in possession of all the facts here? Yes, he deserves justice. What about the accuser? Does he not deserve justice as well?

I have two children, a husband, a mum. They are all I care about. I don't believe shouting in the streets is the answer. I won't give the authorities an excuse to declare a state of emergency.

There are other ways to be heard. We did it before, on March 8. We do it in our blogs.

Think, people. Let sanity prevail.


Sorry, Whisperer. I couldn't not respond. But it ends here. Promise. ;)

TheWhisperer said...

See the reaction they instilled onto us.. We are all in deep dilemma here.

Both You and My friend Hope, have good point here.

The point here is we are really trapped between Peace and The Future Betterment of our Country.

And this has reached a stage where we really have to decide on How to continue with this Fight.

At the rate it is going, it's a Fight between the majority of the Rakyat against the minority of those in power. And yes, they have succeeded in pushing us to take a Stand between Surrender and Emergency Rule.

I would suggest for us to stay calm and remain United and wait for further development.

Meanwhile we can continue with our blogging to knock more sense into those blinds.

This Fight shall continue..

Retreat and Recoup for the time being but not surrendering..

Anonymous said...

It is most disconcerting to see how Madam Patricia attacked Ms Hopefulpessimist. The latter's oxymoron nickname is a succint declaration of her ethos in life. Respect for others is vital if one hopes for a better tomorrow. I fully support Ms Hopefulpessimist in her endeavour to encourage people to voice their discontent. Freedom of speech is a basic democractic principle and if we deprive ourselves of that simple right, what is left of our country that practises parliamentary democracy? If Malaysians were to sink into the passivity that you are propogating, we would be heading towards stagnation, moral decay and indifference. There is a difference between Ms Hopefulpessimist and you. In your words, "I have two children, a husband, a mum. They are all I care about." Hope is different.She says, "This is our country we are talking about." I stand firm behind Hope all the way. While I do not extol street demonstrations, there has to be balance and we have to see things from the right perspective and not give up hope. The MSM is not as hopeless as you stated. Do not overgeneralize, please. If there is a channel to air our views via the MSM why not? The target audience is different. Blogs speak to the converted. If we do not stand up to be counted, how will change come about? And you are wrong...they are not just doing it to Anwar alone. They are doing it to US simply because we are Malaysians. That includes YOU and your family. May Hope's hope and my hope make you more hopeful that there can be a better Malaysia if every rakyat cares...a dream perhaps but without dreams, where would the world be? Thank you.