Monday, July 14, 2008

screw the police force, screw syed hamid, screw the judiciary, screw nazri, screw the gangsta ruling coalition and screw them all!!

Routine block? My Ass!! All roadblocks put up by the police around the entry points into the city of Kuala Lumpur was done unnecessarily as far as the people are concerned. Especially when it was done as if the city of Kuala Lumpur was about to be invaded by terrorists. Imagine one having to go through all the jams that stretched as long as 5 kilometres by merely trying to run an errand during the weekend. What more left to be said today when one have to go through further misery trying to get to work this morning. All these inconveniences due to the stupidity of those paranoid assholes we had for our country administration.
Then we get this court order restraining people from marching within a 5km radius of the parliament. What the f**k!! Court order issued without any solid evidence or action involve? What type of judiciary we have here in our country? The Kangaroo judiciary, i suppose. Can we obtain a court order to restrain the present government from running this country on grounds that they are destroying this country with their gangsta rule and continue to corrupt on our country resources? Can we?
So you people better stay on guard when you are walking in group around KLCC or Bangsar as you are within the 5 km radius from the parliament. They can come and nab and charge you for going against the court order. If you have to go for lunch or do an errand, you better do it alone just to avoid those hoodlums from up-keeping their law of the jungle.
And today, we have our sleeping PM assuring or rather lying to the people that our economy is still stable state. Our country is still the preferred destination for foreign investors? What a joke!! Pak Lah, please wake up and take a look at our country's domestic economy. Its has come to a standstill and coupled with increasing inflation that was caused by the excessive corruption by the previous and present administration.. give me some concrete evidences that show your sincerity in tackling this country woes. All talks made by you and your henchmen are cheap!! Lies and lies continues to be spread by your msm for years on a daily basis.
Allow me to share what i think of your two years transition plan. Perhaps, the two years transition plan is just to divert the attention away from your main evil intention. Najib doesn't want to be PM as he had already accepted the fact that he cant be the next PM with all those controversies that surrounds him. And you knew that you cant stay in power alone. So the collaboration of two crooks came into force for the purpose of buying more time to stay in power.
And with the recent oil hike, windfall taxes and further removal of gas subsidies, all those moves translate into your administration is going to have more money in hand. So am i wrong to conclude that the next two years will be a self enrichment program by your administration through the pretense of having projects to enlighten the people woes. Very smart delusive move indeed. First, you create the problem and get more money into your hands and then come out with fictitious projects to transfer those monies into your own pocket.
Here's the latest.. Our parliament speaker rejected the no confidence motion against the PM on grounds that it was of wrong choice of words. How come i am not surprise at all? Well, what do you expect when the whole administration is planted with their dogs who cant even form an opinion on their own through their God given senses, let alone have a mind of their own.
We are destined to doom-dom by the present administration, not by our choice but by our lacking of responsibility to put a stop to all these. From where i stand, the whole country need a drastic thorough system reforms. The People need Someone to stand up and lead us to put a Stop to all these Destruction. IF only, the Royalties can Unite and take a Stand...


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