Monday, July 28, 2008

New script writer wanted for Bolehwood movie...

A simple medical report turned out to be a sensational exposure or evidence to further discredit the credibility of our administration and the police force in handling Anwar's sodomy case. The earlier difficulty in providing Saifool's police report to Anwar's lawyer has already casted some doubts to the truth behind this badly scripted fabricated plot to discredit the PR supremo.
The medical report done 4 hours before Saifool made the police report showed that there was zero tear or scar to rule out Saifool's claim of being sodomised by Anwar. How stupid the plotter behind all this episode can be. He or she could have asked Saifool to constipate himself for 3 days to allow his pooh to thicken and harden to finally inflict those tears and scar his ass right before he go for the medical check up.
(still cant stop laughing at their stupidity)
The reaction on the part of the police following this exposure left a lot to be desire. While CID director Mohd Bakri Zinin refused to comment to reporters' query, our Deputy IGP Ismail Omar threatened to investigate several news blogs that carry reports pertaining to the medical report. Investigate those news blogs? For treachery? Or for interfering with an ongoing investigation? Ismail, you might as well keep your mouth shut before you consult your bosses as to how you should lie to the people again.
The bottomline here is that there is this new evidence pointing to the fabrication of this sodomy case against Anwar and there should be a Royal Inquiry into the negligence of the police in handling this case. How can the police miss such a important piece of evidence? Probably, they have instruction from someone high up to frame up Anwar at all costs. They should have hire professionals to do a clean job rather than relying on our police force. Isn't Altantuya case a good telling proof as to the ability of our police force to do a clean cover-up job?
Let's see what is going to come out from botak's shit hole this time? I wont be surprise if they come out with Saifool's Statutory Declaration claiming that it was all in the first place plotted by Anwar and he acted through the script under duress.


HopefulPessimist said...

It will be very interesting to see the lies they come up with to cover up this one :)

TheWhisperer said...


At this moment, they are just getting their people to harp on other issues rather than the evidence itself.

They questioned about the leakage and the news blogs except the validity of this piece of concrete evidence.

Even Pak Lah remained quiet except for that botak asking the police to wrap up the case as soon as possible.

Imagine what botak told all those 90 plus foreign ambassadors recently. This botak have been spewing lie after lies even way before the 12th election. Yet he is still around. Worse is that he is holding on to the Home Minister post.

We definitely don't need this type of asshole as one of our administrator.