Tuesday, July 29, 2008

what are we waiting for, fellow malaysians?....

Dear Fellow Rakyat Malaysia,

Whether you are a PR or BN supporter does not matter at all at this juncture.
What really matters now is that our nation is in a serious crisis. Please take a few minutes and ponder on what it means to you, your family, your friends and good neighbours when it is now abundantly clear that politicians in BN, especially in UMNO, have corrupted our government so badly till its almost paralysed.
A simple and straightforward view is this: when a cop stops your car, could you say with confidence that he's an honest cop or a crooked cop?
IF your house is burgled and the cops wish to prowl around the premises to gather evidence and look for traces, would you be confident enough to say that the cops are honest and are not working hand-in-glove with the local thieves?
IF you had the misfortune to have to sue a company for breach of contract, how would you know you'd get a fair hearing and get justice, when the defendant might just pay off the presiding judge?
This is precisely the situation in our country - an almost total breakdown in law and order, because the ruling politicians have corrupted the system so badly, its on the verge of collapse. The rot started with Tun Dr. M and we are now witnessing his legacy which is carried on as a proud tradition by UMNO.
Frankly I have no advice to offer as to how we could reconstruct the country.
All I can say is that its really sad our country has reached this state.
Perhaps we can only hope and pray that our fellow Malay brothers will wake up to the fact that its not the "pendatangs" but in fact its their very own Malay politician under the guise of "perjuangan Melayu" who had been raping and pillaging our country.
We, the "pendatangs" are helpless - there are so few of us in the police and the army, BUT if our Malay brothers can finally stand up against the criminal politicians, I am sure the "loyal pendatangs citizens" will do all they can to help rebuild and restore our country to its former glory.
So, now over to you, our Malay brother citizens - do your duty as our country needs your help now! We, the pendatang citizens will do ours when your duty is done. And we will help you where the bullshit NEP has failed you.

I found this letter posted somewhere in MalaysiaToday's portal as a comment to an article. Since it comes in a letter form pleading with fellow Malaysians, i thought it would help in a way to have this post in my blog to spread this message around. And to Mr SamYAp, i hope you don't mind me doing this... Please leave a comment when you come across this in my blog.



peng said...

It is so frustrating. Daily we are fed with loads of garbage from the government; the ministers, MPs, police etc.
Despite the numerous pleas from the people to have more transparency and fairness in the many current issues, the government continues to badger us with rubbish. Our pleas have fallen to deaf ears.
We know you are in power Mr. PM.
But don't you have any conscience?
Don't even blink an eye when you lie.
Don't even flinch a bit when confronted with the truth.
How can you sleep at night with all these rot credited to your name?

HopefulPessimist said...

I feel so embarrassed, ashamed, almost defeated after reading the letter just now. How I wish things were different. How I wish the Malays are not how they are now.

I'm sorry for all their ignorance, their stupidity, their arrogance, their wrongdoings and misconduct.

If it is any consolation, I want you to know Mr Yap, that there are still Malays out there who care about this country, who wish that they can do something, anything, to end this madness.

I believe in equality, I believe this is our country, I believe that we are Malaysians and exist as one. We should only have one voice, a voice that stops all this lies and idiocies.

TheWhisperer said...


Nothing for you to be ashame of here. It's not your fault but our fault collectively for allowing our country to be brought to the brink of destruction.

So, no point for us to feel emotional over what had had happened in the past. Important thing is now we are aware of the truth behind these group of so-called administrator who claimed to run our country in our interest.

Actually, it is quiet heartening to know that we have young people like you, Michelle of Malaysianpolitics blog and my daughter's malay friends are getting increasingly aware of the reality behind all those lies that have been propogate into young minds through our MSM daily.

And the good news is, from what i gather from the ground, we indeed have more and more people joining our bandwagon at an alarming rate since 8308.

As it is now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just hang in there.Don't waste your time feeling apologetic for no fault of yours. Use it to educate your friends and if this carries on... Our struggle can become a Reality.

I await that moment where we can all go out as malaysians and have fun together.

Malaysia for Malaysians!!

TheWhisperer said...


Thanks for your comment.

I am sure majority of the people share this sentiment of yours.

If you look around the blogosphere, we do get a lot of people posting their grouses over what is happening to our country and i am no different.

What is important is we do our small part in the right way like playing our role to expose those lies they try to propogate to the people.

So far, it has been quite a success and we shall continue fighting and throw our support to those who has our country's welfare at heart.

The People Decide What They Want Our Country To Be... definitely not these bunch of hypocrites!!