Wednesday, July 16, 2008

whisperer's take on last night's debate...

Last night's debate turned out to be a waste of time. While Anwar spoke with facts and figures to support his stance, Shabery Chick made a fool out of himself by trying to continue to propagate
the administration's lies with fictitious figures as provided by the administration.
In the first place, who would believe that our inflation rate still stand at 3% that continue to be made public by our administration? The true fact is when we go out and spend our money on neccesities, we definitely need to pay at least 25% more as compared to few months back. So forget about that 3% figure.
Then came this attempt by Shabery Chick to try and compare us to Norway with many more planted fools there giving him a big applause. I almost puked. But Anwar was quick to counter that by stating the fact that we cannot compare ourselves to Norway as their income per capita is 10 times higher than that of Malaysian per se. That alone should shut them up for good.
For heaven sake, we are a net oil exporter nation with many other rich resources and if we were to compare ourselves to other countries without what our country have like Singapore, Hong Kong and even Thailand, we ought to be ashamed of ourselves for what we actually are now. Now Shabery Chick, are you getting my point here?
It wasn't worthwhile going through that hour long debate. Even those commentators were making empty talks. Yeah right, talk cock like sing song!! At the end of it, wisdom and maturity was the difference. Guess who's lacking it.

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