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another true classic from Raja Petra Kamarudin...

Raja Petra Kamarudin

My last few articles on Islam have certainly rubbed both Muslims and Christians the wrong way. Muslims feel it is unfair that I expose the weaknesses of Muslims, as the ‘enemies’ of Islam can use this information to run down Islam. As much as I may argue that the weaknesses of Muslims do not reflect the weaknesses of the religion but the weaknesses of those who profess the religion, they still find it very hard to grasp the meaning of this.
The non-Muslims, on the other hand, feel that while Muslims can criticise not only non-Muslims but their religion as well, non-Muslims, however, are not free to either defend themselves or retaliate. Engaging in a ‘my religion is not what you say it is’ or a ‘my religion is better than your religion’ debate will attract retaliation from the authorities. And they are right of course. Muslims are free to label the non-Islamic religions as fake, distorted or deviant religions, but heaven forbid the non-Muslims say the same thing about Islam.
I am not propagating that we allow or encourage the non-Muslims to insult Islam, though I have no problems if they insult Muslims as we can certainly agree that Muslims deserve these insults. I mean, when Muslims take two hours off from work on Friday to go to the mosque and then at 3.00pm they meet Chinese businessmen to collect bribes, how else can we treat Muslims except with contempt?
Okay, the normal argument is that these types of Muslims are the minority and should we whack Muslims in general just because of the actions of a few Muslims? But then the Malays have a saying that when one buffalo carries mud then the entire herd becomes muddy.Okay, I am in agreement that we cease whacking all Muslims in general on what a handful of Muslims do. I can also agree that just because a few Muslims are corrupted and hypocrites (pray in the mosque at lunchtime and indulge in corruption by teatime) it does not warrant me whacking the entire 16 million Malay-Muslim community. Sure, the son should not be made to carry the sins of the father. But I can subscribe to this only when the rest of the 16 million Malays-Muslims oppose these corrupt acts and shun corruption and reject corrupters. As much as we can argue that the corrupted Muslims are in the minority, it is, however, the majority who make it possible for the minority. So the majority are as guilty as the minority and they can’t hide behind the ‘this is done by only a few Muslims’ argument.
Let me put it another way. The mother and father hold their teenage daughter down while the uncle rapes her. Can we argue that only the uncle is guilty of rape and not the girl’s mother and father as well? Sure, it was the girl’s uncle who raped her. But this was only possible because the girl’s mother and father were accomplices to the rape. Without their help, the uncle would not have been able to rape her.
In this same situation, we have our political leaders raping the country.In fact, the country is not just being raped. It is being sodomised, and by its own leaders. Can we argue that these leaders are in the minority? Sure, maybe those raping or sodomising Malaysia number only one million. How can we blame the entire 26 million Malaysians or the 16 million Malays-Muslims for what one million do? And we shall not be far from that one million figure when we consider that there are more than one million people in Umno and the civil service. Maybe the ‘rapists’ and ‘sodomists’ are closer to four million than one million. Anyway, for arguments sake, let us work within this one million figure.
Okay, so only one million people are raping and sodomising Malaysia. And only 90% or so are Malays-Muslims while the rest are not. Is it fair, therefore, to blame all Malays-Muslims for what these one million people do? Is it justified that we whack all Malays-Muslims because of the actions of only 5% of the Malays-Muslims in Malaysia? Yes it is, and let me explain why I say so.
Barisan Nasional runs this country and the Chairman of Barisan Nasional becomes Prime Minister and decides on the Federal Cabinet line-up. He also decides who becomes head of the civil service (KSN), the Police Chief (IGP), the Anti-Corruption Agency head, the Attorney-General, the Chief Justice, head of the Customs Department, the Chief Ministers and Menteris Besar plus the EXCO line-up (in BN ruled states), and much more. The man who will become the Chairman of Barisan Nasional is he who is the President of Umno. Umno has an estimated 3.5 million Malay-Muslim members. Umno claims that 51% of the Malays-Muslims voted for it in the last general election. Not all the 3.5 million Umno members are voters and not all the 51% Malay-Muslim voters are Umno members. So the overlap between the Umno members who also voted for Umno is less -- meaning that we can total up the two with a slight discount of, say, two million.
The 3.5 million Umno members get to choose their branch heads and committee members beginning this month. About 20,000 Umno branches will be involved. Next month, the branch heads and committee members from these 20,000 or so Umno branches get to choose their 191 division heads and committee members. At the end of the year, about 2,500 or so delegates from the 191 Umno divisions get to choose their national leaders from the President down to their Supreme Council Members. And, after that, these winners get to run this country in the name of all the Malays-Muslims -- as what Umno is fond of claiming (that is, Umno represents ALL Malays-Muslims.
In short, more than half the Malays-Muslims choose their leaders either in the general election or in the Umno party election, both which are held this year. And these leaders rape and sodomise this country. And this raping and sodomising has been going on for half a century. Yet these Malays-Muslims insist on continuing to choose these same leaders in spite of the corruption that they perpetuate.
Yes, it may have been the uncle who raped his teenage niece. But the girl’s mother and father held their daughter down to enable the rape to happen. The girl’s mother and father are equally guilty of rape and they can’t absolve themselves of the crime just because it was not them who did the penetration.
How can I exempt the Malays-Muslims from the whacking? How can these Malays-Muslims argue that just because 5% of the Malays-Muslims are corrupted does not mean that all Malays-Muslims are also corrupted? Maybe only 5% of the Malays-Muslims are corrupted. Nevertheless, the rest of the Malays-Muslims made it possible for these 5% Malays-Muslims to perpetuate their corrupt deeds. If they had not been voted into positions of power then they would not have been able to continue their corrupt deeds as they have been doing so this last half a century.
The Malays-Muslims think that as long as they pray five times a day, go to the mosque on Friday, fast during the month or Ramadhan, pay their tithes, and go to Mekah to perform the pilgrimage, then they have fulfilled their Islamic obligations. What others do is the concern of others and of no concern to them. But that is where they are wrong. What others do IS your concern because you have made it possible for them to do what they are doing. So, the corrupt deeds of those you put in office become your corrupt deeds as well. That’s the way it goes.
So, no, I can’t exempt Malays-Muslims from the whacking. I shall continue to whack Malays-Muslims as long as those leaders they put into office rape and sodomise this country. And while 51% of the Malays voted for Umno, about 55% of the non-Malays also voted for Umno and the rest of Umno’s partners in Barisan Nasional. So Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and whatnot are also guilty of allowing corrupted leaders to rape and sodomise this country.Therefore, if the Malays-Muslims whack the non-Malays/non-Muslims I will only clap and cheer. Don’t look at me for sympathy. I have no sympathy for the non-Malays/non-Muslims who grumble that the Malays-Muslims can say all sorts of nasty things about the non-Islamic religions but they are not at liberty to reply. My reply to that is, “Padam muka (serves you right).”
Okay, okay, okay, I know what you are going to say. You are going to argue that you have no choice since…………..etc., etc., etc. My reply to that is still ‘padan muka’. If you have no balls then just stay quiet and accept the insults. You have no business complaining. Maybe I will join the other Malays-Muslims and whack Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism as well just to rub it in even more. Well, then again, maybe I will leave you alone to lick your wounds while you contemplate whether what is happening to you is entirely your fault.
Ouch!! That should hurt many... Good Sweeping Swipe, RPK.

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