Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let's Unite for One Cause... This Fight Has to Go On !!

"You come in with a clear conviction, that you believe in freedom, you believe in democracy. And you have so much affection for the people. You love your country. You want the country to succeed. And this is one, unique, multiracial, multi-religious country with a Muslim majority that should prove to the world that we can co-exist and succeed with a vibrant economy. Now, there's a lot of intimidation, a lot of efforts to derail this. If I choose to surrender, keep quiet, then it would adversely affect the process."
- Anwar Ibrahim
I don't know about you people... But This is exactly the Sentiment I have in Me now. We can't afford to stay Complacent as We have come This Far.
Fellow Malaysians, let us pause awhile and ask ourselves these questions: Where do our country's future lies with this Umno-led administration? Since the 12th General Election, it is clear that this Umnoputra is going to continue with their corrupted culture. We can see it being uncovered everywhere just over the past few weeks. Tourism, Works, Defence etc. etc And even the Police Force were not spare from it.
And that alone would give us a rough idea as to where our country is heading. Are we going to just keep quiet and allow them to have their orgies over our country's rich resources? What good is our country when all our rich natural resources come to a zilch? We are not too far from this reality and we are not even prepare for it.
You think Umno cares? Face this reality... they don't give a hoot about the country's future!! Can we wait? We can't wait 2 years. Situation will get worse as time pass with them goons at helm. We need to start now and push for Change!! Lets look back to Mahathir's time till the present: What have they achieve? For themselves, they have done a great job. They have manage to create their super-riches and with their money, they create Slavery among those umnoputra who prostituted themselves to their evil propaganda. All these at the expense of the rakyat and country. Our income per capita does not commensurate with the inflation meaning our standard of living deteriorate with time. The list can go on forever here. The Bottomline is: They Destroys!!
This Fight is not about Malay, Chinese, Indian, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism or Hinduism. This Fight is All about Saving Malaysia For United Malaysians!!

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