Friday, July 25, 2008

BMC saga: charge them all for attempted murder...

After reading through the first few witnesses recollection on the BMC incident from the Suhakam's inquiry, it is obvious that there is consistency in all their recollection that the police force had indeed acted beyond their duties. In this case, they have dragged Chang Jiun Haur out of his car and brutally beat him up without any provocation at all.
Who would, in their sane mind, dare to provoke a group of armed policemen? It just doesn't make sense at all. Yet the police were quick enough to draw up a attempted murder charge on him when he was the only one that landed in the hospital that night with severe injuries. It is a wonder he survived those brutal beatings by a group of more than 20 cowards.
Who would actually believe the police claim that Chang tried to run them down with his car? In the past, we have read from the newspaper on incidents whereby cars and lorries slammed into pedestrians or motorcyclists taking shelter under the bridge. And in most of those incidents, casualties and injuries are usually high. So if Chang have the intention to run them down, he would have step on his accelerator and ram the shit out of those cowards. Yet there is no report of injuries on their part. Not even a bruise as a matter of fact.
This is, in fact, a very clear and straight forward case. Why the need to waste time and money on an inquiry? This should indeed be trial in court by now and all those cowards should be jointly trial for attempted murder.
I really wonder whether any of those cowards have balls when they are alone.


HopefulPessimist said...

Sadly, that's how this country works - people have lost all their common sense, compassion, maybe even their minds - they can't see which is right and wrong anymore.

Crankshaft said...

It's because we never bother to stand up for our rights and say "Enough!"

Do you wonder how that baton got broken?

In spite of No Violence Used?

TheWhisperer said...


It wasn't that we never bother to stand up for our rights before.. We did but that Madman was crazy enough to tame the opposition.

Nevertheless, i held my utmost respect to Hindraf to get this ball rolling. They cant fool the people anymore. They can only fool their stupid umnoputras. Even their own has start to think like any of us now.

Now its a matter of time before the people will rise and make them listen to us, LOUD N CLEAR.

Just look around everywhere. It is happening already.


Only them who are losing all those that you mentioned. Definitely not people like US.

What good are those people without common sense and compassion? They belong to the Devil!!