Thursday, July 3, 2008

what? army to be involve in this sunday's citizen peaceful march?

This is way out for our police chief to suggest army to be rope in to maintain law and order for this Sunday's citizen peaceful march. He must be getting crazier as days goes by.
First, we need to study the function of the army. As far as i am concern, the roles of the army is to protect the citizen and defend the country from invasion. And the roles of the police force is to protect the citizen and maintain law and order from those who broke the law.
And what we are going to have this Sunday is a peaceful citizens march in protest to abuse of power, judiciary problems, corruption and inflation. Isn't it obvious who are the criminals here?
So read here carefully Mr Whimhead Musa Hassan, you are definitely stepping out of your line. Go spend your time investigate on corruption cases and those criminal reports filed with your agencies. That's your duty and that's exactly what the taxpayer expect you to do. You are biting on those hands that feeds you.
Get Your Priorities Right or You Get The F**k Out of Here!!

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