Thursday, July 3, 2008

breaking news: trading halt in bursa continues..

Since this morning we were advised that trading in Bursa will be temporarily halted for the morning session due to technical glitches in the exchange. And since then we were told that trading will resume for the afternoon session. Now it is 3:24pm and trading is still nowhere to be seen. Can those asshole from the exchange make some statement as to what is happening over there? You expect all of us to wait here aimlessly and unproductively through no fault of our own while you motherf**kers try to think of what excuses to come out with to save your faceless face.
We knew of the new system which turned obselete way before the implementation due to the long lapse from when that idea was first mooted. Yet all of you decided to spend a further RM 70-90M to upgrade that obselete system and forced all your dealers to come back weeks after weeks to test-run the system.
To the man at helm, you think you have done a good job? You were planted there to reap from the listing of the exchange especially for a person who knows nothing about the function of the exchange. How many shares you reward yourself for one year of service with the exchange as compare to all those brokers and dealers who had been in the industry for ages and have been the backbone of this industry even before you were born?
Shame on you!!
Latest Update 6:59PM July 03. 2008
Just got an update that today's trading halt has something to do with the latest development in the Altantuya's case. Ironic, isn't it? Even the exchange is not spared from political interference. Hell's gonna break loose when trading resumes tomorrow.

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