Tuesday, July 22, 2008

breaking news: pump prices fall again - third time in fortnight

PUMP prices fell for the third time in a fortnight, led again by Shell on Monday.
The reductions were two cents a litre for diesel and four cents for petrol, except for so-called ultra-premium petrols, which fell by three cents.
The latest adjustment brings a litre of 92-octane petrol to $2.133 a litre before discount; 95-octane to $2.166; and 98-octane to $2.24.
Shell's V-Power is now $2.369, while Caltex's Platinum is $2.366.
Diesel returned to sub-$2 level to $1.993.
The slide follows a sustained drop in international crude oil prices. Light, sweet crude for August delivery ended last week at US$128.88 a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange.
A week earlier, it hit a record US$147.27.
Fool you, didn't i? That was for Singaporean.. not Us !! Yeah.. What happen to our government's monthly review on petrol price? The whole administration must be sleeping again. Or rather it was all intentional to raise the oil price without any intention to review or reduce it in the first place. If there was this intention to review, what happen? Inefficiency or our administration just don't have the knowledge or mechanism to monitor the situation. Do we really need to waste further taxpayer dollars to set up a new ministry or department just to monitor this situation?

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Anonymous said...

At the point of writing, I wish to congratulate you for highlighting this sore point re the slide in oil prices and the inertia of our government to move in tandem with such trends. More bloggers and the MSM should be vocal about this but as always, many are being distracted by the red herrings that are being thrown around in the political arena. By the way, Mr. Whisperer, am glad you are aware that there is a new blog in town and you have already put up http://wat-say-you.blogspot.com
in your links. Well done!