Friday, July 11, 2008

get the best out of filling...

Read this document on Scribd: Get the best out of filling...


HopefulPessimist said...

Thanks for the article.

You wouldn't believe how much I have to pay now for a week's supply of petrol. ~sigh

TheWhisperer said...

ngv price went up drastically today. hope you are still with your gasoline engine.

yup, everybody is paying more for petrol these days. its especiallt tough to make adjustments with dwindling earnings.

something is terribly wrong here. 2years transition..these guys are joining forces with one evil intention. to stay in power for 2 more years and rape the country to bankruptcy. Najib doesnt want to be PM. that's just to divert attention away from their evil intention.

all we can do nw is hope that all other MPs realise the sorry situation our country is in now and support the no confidence vote that is being put up by Wan Azizah.

have to stop them now and push for Change.