Tuesday, July 22, 2008

umno is banking on the weakness of human nature... greed!!

First, we have our PM disclosing that there have been 3 talks held between Umno and Pas. Then followed by certain quarters from both sides coming out with their justifications over their secret meetings with our MSM help to blow up this issue.
So, what was those meetings all about here? While Umno tries hard to stay in power, we questioned the credibility of those Pas fellows involved in these dialogues. Malay unity and religion seemed to be the theme play here.
Hello... all those bickering about Malay unity and Islam is just excuses to divert attention away from the real offerings by Umno. What Umno can offer now is just a share of the taxpayers' dollar into their pocket with a Promise of power. Yeah right... Money politics at work here. It all eventually boils down to dollar and cents. Nothing to do with the welfare of our country.
Do we really need to raise our concern such reports? I don't really give a 'hoot' for i still believe the change during March 8th was all due to the maturity of the rakyat in general. No single person is going to influence the vast majority that easily anymore. Of course, unless you are from Umno where their people are more or less swaying to the tune of 'easy money'.
After saying that, it actually come as a 'blessing in disguise' for the coalition to discover their weaknesses at this juncture so that necessary steps can be taken to strengthen the coalition further.
For as long as everybody maintain this fight as a fight for the betterment of the country, the people will continue to stand behind those who share the same agenda... Malaysians for The Betterment of Malaysia!! Set aside racial segregation and stop using religion disgracefully.
Is all that so difficult to achieve?

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