Friday, July 25, 2008

state government's car maintenance cost... it smells like rotten fish!!

What?? It cost more than 50 thousand of taxpayers' money to maintain a Perdana annually? You must be fucking joking!!
Most dailies reported that the Trengganu state government had spent more than 300k to maintain two Perdana since 2004. And that works out to an average of 50k per Perdana annually.And we also have the Kelantan's and Pahang's Menteri Besar coming out in defense, justifying this high cost of maintaining a Perdana.
Are they forgetting that we do have many Perdana users in the country? And the fact that most of private Perdana users don't even spend 50k to maintain their car in the first few years alone. Imagine 50% of the cost of the car to maintain yearly... Either the quality of our national car sucks or somebody is receiving kickbacks from those authorized appointed workshop.
Logically, if someone were to spend that kind of money to maintain that car yearly, isn't it more advisable to change to a new car yearly? For the fact that all new cars comes with warranty and new cars don't breakdown that easily. Even if it did breakdown, it's still under warranty. That should more or less save all the trouble of maintaining such a car at that high a cost. How much can a Perdana depreciate in the first year? Definitely less than that astronomical figure.
Anyway, why the big fuss now? This is definitely a norm which have been practised by Umno led government for years only to be exposed now by Trengganu state government. Wrong? Then get all the states to open up their books for an independent audit on state's vehicles maintenance alone. I am sure we can find more shits everywhere.
So, shall we have all the states to come out with their car maintenance cost reports from 2004?? Don't penalise the present Trengganu state government... Go for the past administration.
Clearly. OSA is being used to cover up their wrongdoings. That explains why files were removed and destroyed when PR took over the 5 states.

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