Friday, July 18, 2008

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman: the pariah from pasir salak on psd's scholarship...

Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Nazri's stance on the the 55:45 ratio for bumiputras and non-bumiputras used by Public Services Department (PSD) to issue scholarships to university students was met with some resistant from within the ruling coalition.
Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (BN-Pasir Salak) then said,
" No one knows what is actually meant by the Constitution except for the forefathers who were directly involved in drafting it. We can only interpret it. But please don't misunderstand the original objective of the Constitution. To gain excellence for the bumiputra is only secondary. The primary objective is to strike a balance in human capital development among different races. Have we achieved this primary objective?
Are you (Nazri) trying to win the hearts of the people by saying this now? We don't want a populist government. If this is the stance of the government, i would not support it. I will leave the House. I won't compromise when it comes to the rights of bumiputra."
Something he also said during some heated exchange between him and the Opposition:
"I will defend bumiputra rights. you take my life if you want to! Let's go out (and fight about this) now."
Hey pariah!! You bloody make me sick to my guts with your brainless motherf**king bastard of bastards racial rants. Where the Hell you get your interpretation of the Constitution? From what that have been professed by generations of good-for-nothing UMNO goons? You made so much noise about defending bumiputra rights. Look at our country's situation now. What we are now is because we get idiots like you ruining the country with your racist cry. Tell me what have you done all your life to deserve to be in parliament? Play politics and that's just it.
Perhaps, you try to get some publicity for your selfish craze for power. But we rakyat definitely wont allow you to use racial remarks to achieve your means. You want violence? Don't do it in the parliament. You have balls, you walk on the street alone. I bet those who recognise you would oblige to a one to one duel with you. Count me in!! Pthooi!!
In the first place, you think we rakyat actually believe in that ratio of 55:45 spread. To hell with that doctored ratio. Why so difficult for PSD to make it transparent?
The very fact is that we, the people, had lost our trust and faith in this UMNO led government. So, why don't all of you just shut the fuck up and disappear from the face of this Earth.


old man said...

you may disagree. but you have no right to abuse anybody. grow up!

TheWhisperer said...

old man,

am i abusing him? i am just obliging him.

thanks for your comment, anyway.

a said...

you are absolutely right to fuck him off.this goon should be kept in zoo negara for life.

TheWhisperer said...

Mr a,

Thanks for your support.

I am actually least affected by old man's remark for the fact he signed in as 'old man'. So he deserve my basic respect.

But that do not reflect what i think of him. Its quite disheartening to see many people turned old without gaining wisdom in life. And old man is one of definitely one of them and it is because of people like him that we have to stand doubly hard now just to exercise our rights. HE failed himself and generations that come after his.

I dont want to be a loser in life like him and i do not want to fail my children or the country for not standing up to what we think is the right thing to do. My conscience is crystal clear. Is
yours, old man?

Be sincere to yourself and dont live in a world of lies.Wake up and be a Man, old man.

Thats my Wisdom for someone whom you brand 'childish'

malay_grandson said...
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